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The possibilities of your company server specification is endless. Send us your requirements and give us a day or two to send you a free quotation with several options that meet your needs.

All of our Managed Dedicated Server offering came with cPanel/WHM, CloudLinux and free SSL certificate for secure panel access.

A Little Portion of What we do

Choose from the available location options for your server. We provided two different locations:

  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • United States

We will install, configure and then harden these software on your machine:

  • PHP (5.4.x default with other version available through PHP Selector)
  • MySQL
  • Apache or LiteSpeed. We recommend you to go with LiteSpeed for better scalability and blazing fast speed.
  • SpamAssassin configuration with SARE and/or Razor.
  • Enable RBL.
  • Enable server-wide DKIM.
  • We will scan your server using chkrootkit and rootkit hunter with daily audits.
  • Install and configure Maldet with ClamAV Connector.
  • We will also install a software based firewall, configure and then optimize it for you.
  • Change the SSH port and create wheel user.
  • Secure your temp partition.
  • We will install some third party application for cPanel as per your request with our best effort.
  • We will also install mod_security for better protection and will, with best-effort, troubleshoot any conflicting account with the rules.
  • Install and then configure CageFS for server-wide.

And many more features that will ensure you the best experience in having a dedicated server. Your company will no longer need to hassle with server management. You can leave all the server management task to us.

Technical Features

  • Server in United States will get 5 Usable IP address in which 2 will be used as your NS IP. Server in Indonesia will get 1 usable IP address. Additional IPs is available to buy.
  • Free SSL, installation and configuration for your server services.
  • We also have offsite backup feature available. Please contact our sales department for more info.
  • Insite backup using the same hard drive with different partition is available as our default offering.
  • Your choice between utilizing gzip or pigz for data compression.
  • Our default location for managed server placement is in Phoenix, AZ in United States and Gedung Tifa, Jakarta in Indonesia. If you have another city you have in mind such as the same place where we put our default location for our shared hosting offering in Los Angeles, please don’t hesitate to tell us.
  • Ticketing Support is available through our Portal.
  • We also setup a 5 minutes uptime monitor for your server with public report.
  • And many more.

Send us an inquiry for a free quote!

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