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Our Approach

We focused ourselves more in providing support to our clients. We are not a third party reseller as we rent or owned our own servers in both United States and Indonesia.

We also preferred not to oversell our services too much to keep the load of the servers as minimum as possible for our shared hosting solutions.

Our Story

We are a company with a small team of people which maintain a close relationship with our clients. We are also trusted by various non-profit organizations and companies to host their website and emails.

Slowly but surely, we expands our market to accommodate corporate and non-profit organizations clients.

Our Focus

Even though we focused ourselves in providing the best experience in shared hosting, we also provided various services such as managed servers and web design to our clients.

The possibilities of what we can and will offer our clients in the future is limitless and endless. Mangkuk Merah is the one stop station for our clients net presence needs.

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