Managed Net Presence

Leave Everthing to Us and concentrate on your contents more

We offer a managed internet presence for your company. Starting from your web design, managing your email accounts, managing your hosting account, managing your CMS and plugin updates, adding contents to your website as per your instruction, creating your Twitter account and managing it, you named it, we will do it. All you have to do is to concentrate on the contents of your company website and running your company.

Send us your requirements and give us a day or two to send you a free quotation with several options that meet your needs.

A Little Portion of What we do

Choose from the available hosting options for corporate we provided with two locations available :

If you still don’t have your web design, we will do the design for you with hundreds of templating options. We will use WordPress as the basic Content Management System.

We are currently in the middle of planning to support other CMSes available.

  • Doesn’t matter if you have 5 employees or hundreds of employees, just tell us to create email accounts for your employees and we will do it ASAP.
  • We can also help your employees to setup their desktop mail client as long as we have the permit to remotely access their desktop.
  • Troubleshoot your mail sending and receiving problem.
  • Send your articles in any text format and let us input it to the website.
  • No longer you will have to battle with article formatting. Let us do the task for you.
  • Send us your featured image or let us help you by making a featured image for your article.
  • You will no longer need to periodically update your web application. We will do it for you.
  • We will set-up your app installation with the most blazing fast and secure option as possible.
  • We will daily scan your web application for any intrusion possibilities and to keep your website clean.

And many more features that will ensure you that you and your team will just have to concentrate on running the business and the contents of your website. We will do the rest of managing your company website for you.

Technical Features

  • You will get your own IP Address.
  • Free SSL for your company web application.
  • We will setup your company Private NS too if you have your domain with us.
  • Caching configuration and installation.
  • Audit Tracking to help your decision for a revision.
  • Installed with our custom analytic tools.
  • Agile project management page.
  • We will also install a backup mail exchange for the worst case scenario where we having either an unscheduled or scheduled outage. Your company mail flow will not be interrupted thanks to the backup mail exchange.
  • And many more.

Send us an inquiry for a free quote!

Please send your inquiry through this sales inquiry page with details such as number of employees, your web design needs, and how many articles will be published per week

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